Austin Urgent Care Services

Why Urgent Care?

Emergency rooms are typically neither the most efficient nor cost effective choice for your immediate minor health care needs.  Primary care physicians, on the other hand, are affordable but can take days to weeks for an appointment. Urgent care clinics are designed to provide rapid and affordable medical care on a walk-in basis.  At ExpressMD, we pride ourselves on utilizing high quality medical professionals, so that our patients can be confident that they’re getting the highest level of care.

Why ExpressMD?

As the urgent care boom continues, patients will have greater choice as to which medical clinic to use.  Many facilities will advertise their affiliation with hospital systems while others their large size with multiple locations.  ExpressMD, on the other hand, embraces its smaller size as a distinct advantage.  We can adjust operations quickly in order to maximize efficiency and not wait for permission from a distant headquarters.  Furthermore, our small size is a distinct advantage for business clients who desire customized treatment protocols for their employees.  We understand that one size does not fit all and will accommodate businesses to the best of our ability.