Pflugerville Urgent Care Services

Since opening in September 2010, ExpressMD has focused on exceptional customer service, consistent and high quality medical treatment while maintaining efficiency to minimize patient wait times.  We take great pride in providing medical care in a more personal setting of a smaller urgent care rather than the detached clinical environment of many corporate clinics.

As a certified urgent care clinic by the Urgent Care Association of America, we maintain high standards with regards to treatment protocols, staff training, and available equipment to ensure that patient safety is always kept in the highest regards.  Furthermore, we are proud members of the Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Hutto Chamber of Commerce because we are an integral part of the local healthcare and business community.

Through a combination of continual staff training, daily patient rechecks via call backs, responsiveness to client questions, and customer surveys, ExpressMD continues to develop a strong reputation as a local medical leader.  Whether an urgent care patient presenting with a straightforward (albeit bothersome) allergic rash or you are an occupational medicine client with 250 employees needing daily random drug testing and workplace injury care treatment, rest assured that we will treat every patient with the care and respect that he/she expects and deserves.

Our long term vision is to continue to be an indispensable part of the local healthcare community.  We pride ourselves as being an alternative to corporate or “chain” urgent care clinics in which patients are frequently treated as a number rather than an individual.  We are committed to practice medicine the way it used to be… with care and individual attention.